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HERMIONE JANE GRANGER goes on to earn Mastery in four additional fields of Magic and 3 PhDs from Cambridge, Oxford, and Harvard. She guest lectures and publishes many papers and notebooks, including annotating and editing Severus Snape’s journals. She also campaigns for his posthumous, retroactive induction into the Order of Merlin, First Class, in addition to the accolades he is accorded by the Republic of Albion.

She stays very close to Hydra, regarding her as a sister, and dotes on Charlotte. She and Draco also maintain ties with Tonks and Charlie, although over time, the ‘monthly’ family visits become less frequent as other priorities take hold. They still all get together for Boxing Day in the grand Malfoy / Black extended family tradition. She writes often to Alice and Luna to ask after them and Terry, but only very rarely does she contact him herself, and when she does, it makes her irritable and discontent, so eventually she gives up trying.

She eventually agrees to marry Draco, but more for political expedience than really feeling they have to, and Hermione keeps her maiden name (also for professional reasons). After several more years, her bio-clock starts ticking, and they have one daughter together, Ethel Abigail. They quickly realise they were not cut out to be parents - not that they don’t love her but they are both too interested in their own careers and lives, being a Power Couple for Albion for years to come. However, they do their best. Although sometimes Hermione doubts the wisdom of allowing it, Abigail spends summers with Grandmère and Grandpère in the French Riviera or wherever they happen to be going…..

They never do decide to find another place to live, and the government seat moves back to London once Parliament and Whitehall have been cleaned up. Malfoy Manor becomes a must-attend party destination several times every year, including the annual Victory Day celebration, New Year's, and Draco's birthday party - and everyone is invited. Even Milli.
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And thank you, Fred and George, for the wonderful finale to the evening! It couldn't have ended better.

Pansy, Jeremy, come tomorrow morning, will you? We have to distribute all this food and I want it to go to people who need it. In London, maybe.

If anyone's feeling too titsed to go home, there are guest rooms on the third, fourth, and fifth levels. Let me know and we'll have a room for you. No Apparating if you're liable to splinch!

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Everyone, Hydra and I have arrived at the Manor and we're getting ready for tonight's reception. Oh, there's just no time, so sorry, but I have to put everything here all in one go, and I'm sure I'll forget a few things, too:

  • Jeremy, how soon can you arrive? There seems to be something of a scrum between the catering crew that arrived from yours and a cartload of prepared food from Harrods'. Apparently the Sandovals are making a donation and won't be refused. I'm sure we'll wind up using it all, anyway, and what we don't can be handed round elsewhere, but if you could help sort it, I'd appreciate it immensely.

  • Lee, Hydra has ideas about where to set up for your broadcast. There aren't to be any other reporters, mind, just your lot! And of course, the music afterward.

  • How many do you think might end up staying on tonight? The Floos are working again, I'm told, but we do have extra rooms here if people are still at loose ends.

  • Alice, please tell Ms Birdwhistle that we've a room reserved for her use as long as she needs it.

  • Madam Pomfrey, we're ready to receive Rachel and any others of the convalescents who are able to come. Even if it's for an hour or so, it won't be the same without as many as possible. But of course, nothing that would risk anyone!

  • Tonight's about celebration, but I know there are still precautions, so Ron, your teams will take shifts for security, have I got that right? Only I want everyone to be able to have fun, too.

  • I know this is less pleasant, but I did want to let everyone know, when we arrived there was a message waiting from the Sinclair parlour. The remains were transported safely and they're being prepared. But we can talk about state funerals tomorrow.

Oh, like I said I know I'm forgetting things but I should really get back to it. I'll keep the journal handy if anyone has questions or thinks of something I haven't mentioned.
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Are you going to bring her down with you so you can get some lunch? We can go back to St G's today and pick up more formula, if you like. Also make sure Lana's ready to be discharged and moved - well. somewhere. Saltash, I suppose, for the time being.

Before they left, Sirius came and talked to me. He was saying goodbye, I know that now, but he particularly wanted to make sure you were looked after.

Which we would have done, anyway, but--well, the thing is, I went to his and Remus's rooms this morning. He left a note for Ms Laura Finch-Fletchley. There was an instruction to give it to her when she gets here, because I guess he wrote to tell her about Justin.

There are some other things. I thought I'd sort properly after lunch.

It's the kind of thing I put off after Mr Snape died, and I wish I hadn't done. It was more helpful than I realised it would be.
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I just had the strangest conversation with Sirius.

Are you going to Penzance tonight?
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You heard about Honoria? It's so sad.

I'm packing us up. Do you want that red jumper or was it meant for the donation bin? It's got a small hole in, so probably you meant to donate, but it was in the cupboard after the last laundering.

Pansy and Sally-Anne have a plan to put together a sort of neighbourhood. Sort of all clustered together like the Victory Village in those Pure Hunger books. They asked if we want to go in with them--well, I mean, they came round to a load of us yesterday, after Ernie's announcement, and were asking. Pansy and George, and Fred and Sally-Anne thinks maybe Terry, and her and Ron, of course, and they asked Hydra about her and Justin, and then there's us and Susan.

Well, I said I'd talk with you about it. If we're all in different houses, maybe. But I did like that cottage you found. In Strathglass.

But anyway, the thing is, I started packing this morning, because we're going to have to either go where the rest go or take the place in Strathglass, but either way we won't be here after the weekend. And about a half-hour ago, a house-elf came and asked me to go down to the Staff Lounge.

Professor Slughorn was there, with Master Gimlet and Headmistress Vector. I got really nervous all of a sudden, because I couldn't imagine what I'd done to have to report to all three of them! But then Professor Slughorn started talking, you know, and he said that they'd been wanting to talk to me for a while. He and Master Gimlet had been watching all summer, he said. Well, you know, for Mastery, usually one has to sit an oral defence and prepare a load of potions and present one's notebooks and--well, it's a process, you understand.

But Professor Slughorn said they'd been just about to arrange for me to sit with them when that attack happened. And since then they were waiting to make sure everything was all right, that my injuries didn't incapacitate me as far as my Potioneering was concerned. Master Gimlet said that they'd been 'completely satisfied' when they saw me this week, because remember I told you about the modifications to the Sleeper potion, and then there was nearly an outbreak at Dumfries but one of the Healers caught it early so we just put on a few cauldrons to make a replenishment draught, I mean they're really simple, after all, and well, the point is that Master Gimlet said that it completely satisfied him, and--and they've sent in the parchmentwork to the Guild.

I'm a Potions Mistress.

And then the Headmistress said that since Professor Slughorn still wanted to retire, and they need a qualified professor, I could start this term, if I wanted. He said that he'd be willing to stay on for one term if it would help get my feet under me. I mean, the Sleeper project really only has another month or two to go, and so it's probably not strictly necessary that I stay on it full-time.

They told me to think about it today and let Professor Vector know as soon as possible.

What do you think? I-- It's not really what I planned on doing, I mean, there's loads of research I'd like to do and there are things other than Potions, I mean, it's not the only form of magic that interests me. But I'd be here where there's a massive library at my disposal. I don't know how much time I'd really have, though. And teaching, I don't know. I don't think I'd be very good at it.

But I don't want to decide without us discussing it first, at least.

Oh, and I really do want to know if you still want this jumper.
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What's your timetable for the week? I know you told me before but I didn't write it down and now I've forgotten. (And don't worry, Healer Deverill says that it's probably not related to the curse or the trauma, it's not a sign that my memory's gone off or that there's any long-term impact on my recall skills. Just that I've got a lot of things to think about and I still get tired easily, and memory's one of the things that's impacted when one's overtired.)

Anyway, I talked to Professor Slughorn and to Master Gimlet and I'm going back into the field this week. Well, tomorrow, most likely. The thing is that the process has been going all right without me--I mean, Pansy and the others are all doing fine--but I reviewed some of the field notes from the most recent sites and they're not at all precise enough. Plus the production rates are slightly lower than my notes from before the attack on Fradswell.

So I think if I get back to it, we can put everything back on track and I can collect better observations. Also Master Gimlet and I think we can detect a slight migration in the potion, based on the recovery times listed by the field teams, and I've got to figure out which process is being short-cut, or altered, or whatever it is, before it has an adverse effect.

But I wanted to let you know, and to make sure I'm around the next time you've got a free evening, or day, or anything.

I'll be glad when this business is over and I can move on to something else. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's getting tired of making the same potion over and over, but being away from it for a few days really made me start thinking about all the other projects we I have to take on.

How about you? I expect you're already tired of mixing drinks and serving wretched Death Eaters and their mates.
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Where are you both?

I had--I keep forgetting what happened. Was there--was there a dragon? Something about flying.

Oh, I wanted to tell Mr Snape, I think there were two potions. That's what's tripped us up, I mean. Two.

For some reason I want some toast. But the Healer says I'm only to have liquids for a while longer. Aspiration. That means choking.


I'm really tired.
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How are you today?

I wasn't actually sure whether to write to you today, or if you'd rather not be reminded if you're busy and not thinking about Harry too much. But I didn't want you to think I'm ignoring you, either.

Did I tell you that Hydra talked to me a little while back about how best to acknowledge Harry's birthday? She said she and Justin had been thinking of maybe a candle-lighting or something, you know, a quiet sort of reflection. Solemn, not anything too flashy. But we got to talking about it and it just didn't seem.... I mean, you're in New London and so's Justin still, and everyone's busy and the Longbottoms have their own family to mourn, and it's a blue moon so Mr Lupin was feeling really very awful and so was Luna, and Sirius--well, I could tell Sirius either wanted to run off and remember Harry in his own way, or preferred to focus on Mr Lupin, and so it seemed like as much as we all wanted to do something, no one felt quite ready, either. Certainly not ready enough to organise anything. So in the end we thought, best leave it for now and let everyone observe on our own, and perhaps we'll find the right way to honour him at the one-year anniversary mark. Or his birthday next year. Or something like that.

Still, it seems as though someone ought to make some kind of statement. Maybe I should have asked them to put something on the wireless. Or maybe I'll think of the right words later. Though it's silly to expect they'll come today, when they haven't come in all this time.


Remind me again of your timetable for the next week? We've got a huge warehouse to wake up over the next several days and I ought to check in occasionally, but I can break free if I plan round your schedule. I'd like it if we could spend it not in the castle, either, just the two of us somewhere, maybe. That was good, last time.

Well, I should get back to it, we've set up a brewing lab here on site as part of our attempt to move things out of Hogwarts in preparation for next term. There's talk it might become a permanent installation, too, a sort of...St M's healing research outpost, or something like that.

But I wanted to say--that I'm thinking about you today, especially. And I miss him, too, and that I hope you're all right, or as all right as you can be.
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Sally-Anne, how's everything going with Ginny?

So, Draco's going to be going on this extended mission in New London where he'll be under cover. I won't bore you with details, I mean, I don't think they're secret but you can ask me later if you want, but what he's doing isn't the thing I--

Let me start over.

How do you both cope when Justin and Ron are out in New London? I know it sounds ridiculous, Draco goes down there all the time, but under the cloak, you know, and he stays hidden and he's not trying to trick people so much as avoid being trod on. But this time-- I mean, he thinks he'll be able to come back every night but I'm not so sure, even if the person he's pretending to be lives alone, he'll still need to know what's going on in his neighbourhood when he's supposedly there? And there are loads of other reasons I can imagine he'll have to stay on longer than he anticipates.

And I'm not even all that worried about him impersonating someone. Well, I'm a little worried, only because this person has to be somewhat obsequious and that's...not Draco. But he's doing his homework, I know that, and he has enough experience with subordinates that he knows what's expected of one.

It''s more that...I'm still worried about him doing something rash or foolish because he thinks he sees an opportunity, and not having enough backup, and not caring if he makes a bad trade, if that makes sense.

And even if he doesn't--I'm worried I'll--that I won't actually miss him all that much, while he's away. Oh, that's a horrible thing to say, isn't it? But it's sort of true. I mean, lately he's busy and I'm busy and, I don't know, maybe it's just because there are too many distractions. Still, sometimes I almost feel like--like if it weren't for losing Harry--

Well, that's just it. Obviously it takes time, and it's going to be especially hard for the next few weeks, so maybe it's all to the good that he'll be occupied for so much of it. And maybe that will help in the long run, too, and not just for the short term. So it'll be better after that.

Anyway. I figured you two face this sort of possibility all the time, now. It's oddly new for me.
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With everyone so worried about Ginny (me included), I thought we could use some good news. We woke up over fifty Sleepers yesterday.

It was slower going than I anticipated because, well, mainly because they're very disorientated and we didn't want to move on to the next patients until the Healers had checked everyone and the helpers had had a chance to really help them. I think we'll be modifying that in future to have more Calming Draught available, and in some cases, give them a (regular) sleeping potion so that the helpers can circle back to them later, so we don't hold things up too much.

Three patients also had an adverse reaction on waking, but the Healers were on standby and they were able to put them right fairly easily. My notes don't suggest it was an allergy to the Potion, necessarily, although I suppose at this stage, that can't be ruled out. Two of the cases were of cardiac infarction and Healer Patil thinks the third probably had medical problems before she went into stasis, and she had a stroke. He thinks she'll recover in time.

That said, there was a minor side effect observed in about 5% of those we awakened. They complained of feeling bloat, or gastric distress, and several shortly thereafter suffered diarrhoea. (Which considering they weren't necessarily able to get to a bathroom was--well, it wasn't pleasant. Luckily that didn't happen to many of them, but if this is a realistic sample and it is a side effect, we'll need more bedpans when we wake the rest.) It's not clear whether it's really the potion or an effect of how long they were in stasis compared to their last meal before sleeping, or other constitutional considerations. Nonetheless, we'll be collecting notes on similar cases in the event that the potion will need to be modified further. (I hope not, since we've already made up over a thousand doses at this point, but we've many more thousands to go, too.)

I'd really hoped to move a little more quickly through the stasis population but at least this way we'll have plenty of production completed before we need it--the only thing is that at this pace, it'll take about six years to wake everyone. So we either need to assign more people to help or tell relatives they'll be on the waiting list for some time to come.

Anyway. I know it's not much compared to Ginny being in the hands of Bellatrix and Dolohov, but it's a small move toward restoration.
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Our first group of Sleeper potion is ready for the field. Mr Davidson, we'll want plenty of people handy to help them assimilate and adjust when they wake up. Have your team made any headway in figuring out who they all are at the first site?

Mrs Longbottom, we've also prepared some restoratives and nutritional preparations to give them as they regain consciousness. Even with the stable stasis, they'll need to kickstart their metabolisms. If we can arrange for family members to be there, that would probably be helpful, too, but I don't want to wait to identify them before we start waking them up. It's going to be a long process.

What I'd like is for our Potioneer assistants, along with the Healers assigned to the project, and any Muggles who are going to help, to assemble in the first designated site. It was outside of Stirling, wasn't it? If everything goes according to plan, we can branch out, but we'll still want Healers in case of complications. And probably some soldiers in case something really goes wrong.

We've built up a considerable amount of potion stores and I estimate that if we maintain production at this rate, we'll be able to wake a further 200 sleepers every week while still putting up an additional 100 doses to increase stock. That way when the supply lines are straightened out and we're ready to really to revive the rest, we'll have enough.

Will Friday be enough time to put together the team? We'll need the the Stirling Secret Keeper to write down the secret so everyone can get there.
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How's everything going?

I know it's late but I only just had a few minutes to sit and work on my notes.

Can you get us a list of potions in need of resupply? Terry and a few others are helping Professor Slughorn with the regular stock. If I need to reassign anyone because you're running through things quickly, I can pull a couple more volunteers.

Oh, and Healer Culpeper's going to do the Wolfsbane this month, but I sort of want to be available when he does, he doesn't have a lot of practice doing it. So I might need to assign some of Professor Slughorn's assistants to Sleeper work.
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We're making good progress. I think we may have 200 doses ready by the end of the week, at our current pace.

The good news is that the sample batch I made using the powdered dragon scales is comparable in every way to the third version of concentrate, using about half the amount of powdered Malaclaw claws for the same yield. And since currently we have more dragon scales than we quite know what to do with, I think we'll be well-served to substitute them for the time being. It's lucky they're all the same breed; I'm not sure how much variation there might be in the properties of a different species.

Those of you assisting us in preparing ingredients, I've been observing your techniques for the last few days and I'm making some changes to capitalise on your strengths:

Divyesh, please work with Emrys Clark for now. I'd like you to concentrate on the preparation of the sliced roots and greens. Remember, the consistency of your slices gives us the best results. Particularly for the guarana roots, we want the slices as close to 1/32nd-inch as possible, and absolutely nothing over 1/16th. I've left samples of each type spell-o-taped to the cutting boards. Emrys, I know your potions kit has a silver knife but we've found the best results are achieved with steel or ceramic blades. Mrs Scrim can help you if you need a different set.

Nick and Zach Scrim, you two are strong enough to powder the scales to a good, fine grit. We need every last ounce of scales from the materials we recovered from Snowdonia, so be sure to give the mortars a good swipe with pertergicus so there's no waste.

Ian and Katherine: Please focus your effort on all other animal components--the livers and spleens really must be fully soaked in tepid water, not cold, not hot, before they're harvested for any remaining blood--oh, and I think you'd better rewarm and liquefy the coagulated blood that Charlie, Sally-Anne and I recovered, as well, before we use it--and the beetle eyes need to be checked carefully for any clouding or they'll taint the whole batch.

Arista and Katrina--I mean, Fitz--that leaves you two with all the other vegetation to prepare. If you have any questions about the hellebore, or you want additional help with the parsley or anything, let me know. There are other people who can help, you don't have to shred it all yourselves.

For the rest of you, I've got notes for the modification to the master potion formula based on the use of the Welsh green scale powder instead of the Malaclaw; I'll make sure everyone who's brewing has a fresh copy tomorrow.

Oh, and I also need two more volunteers (in addition to our current group) who are willing to shift away from Sleeper potion for a few days to concentrate on replenishing our other stores, especially Polyjuice. (I harvested a whole flat of fluxweed at the last full moon.) Madam P, are any of your Healers ready to help with some of the basic potions we need?

For now, I want everyone to take the rest of the afternoon off. Get some sunshine or go for a flight. We'll start fresh tomorrow.
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(I hope it's all right to call you that. I'm sorry, I have trouble calling someone 'Master' after so many years and even though it's a different context. But 'Potioneer' just sounds silly.)

I thought I would formally report that it did not appear Wolfsbane or any modification to it would make much impact on Miss Lovegood's affliction. I observed for nearly an hour around the time when she would have transformed, and while it was clear she was suffering significant impairment to her cognitive function, it was not so debilitating nor so wolfish as to suggest that the properties of the potion would be at all efficacious. There were some markedly animalistic tendencies in her affect, however, and I believe that rather than an aconite-based potion, one with a root in Junellia and Pueraria may prove beneficial.

Unfortunately, this project will have to wait until more pressing matters are attended, to wit, the completion of our production of anti-Sleeper preparation. I shall be working this morning on calculating the precise proportions for higher volumes of restorative in a single batch. I believe if we are able to scale the batch sizes, while successfully titrating the ingredient proportions, we will achieve both a higher consistency of final product and conserve some of the more limited resources at our disposal until such time as the potions gardens here and at other secure locations can be harvested.

I would greatly appreciate additional assistance in both brewing the proposed regressions, once they are ready, and testing them against the control batches that Severus and I had made prior to the battle for Hogwarts. If you could kindly provide the names of those students whom you recall having reasonable skill at ingredient preparation and basic brewing capacity, who are either here helping or who might be available to return and help, that would aid the cause and speed the process considerably.

Better yet, if you are so inclined as to ask them yourself, that might avoid wasting time unnecessarily, as well as any unpleasant and equally unnecessary whinging they might raise about working for a Muggleborn.

Thank you,

Journeywoman Granger
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I hate this.

I should have taken the Commemini Acer.

Luna's in so much distress, it's awful. It looks like she'll be all right but--oh, I can't bear to watch.

But I have to do.

She hasn't transformed yet; but it might be easier for her if she did.

The worst part is that I don't think

Oh, dear. Well, I still don't think she's quite mindless enough for the Wolfsbane to be of any comfort to her at all next month.
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You're quite popular tonight.

What does Finnigan want? I hope you told him to sod off and you've not given him another thought.

I'm tired but I've still got an hour to go on this potion before I can leave it.

Were you going to meditate tonight? You could keep me company if you're not.
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Mr Lupin,

I'm starting your potion for the month and it occurred to me...has anyone--I mean, have you talked to Luna about what might or might not happen to her next week?

Madam Pomfrey, have you?

I don't think it's wise to give her Wolfsbane when we don't know for sure if she'll transform, I mean, I don't think she will, really, but I'm not sure what will happen. So someone ought to look after her during the full moon.
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Where are you? I mean, are you in the castle or out?

(I know I don't need to use the Order lock anymore only--well, I just don't feel like not using it.)

Are you here? Are you--can you take a tea break, or something?
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Are you really terribly busy?

Could you come to Grimmauld?


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